Why Join A Real Estate Team?

    Why join a real estate team? That seems to be the question that is asked weekly from people considering getting their license to individual agents as well as seasoned agents across the industry. Everyone has an opinion as well as the positives and negatives of why or why not to join a real estate team. Yet, unless they have been on a team, interviewed multiple team or have been involved directly in team building master minds, they are probably including their personal bias opinion and that is okay, we are all entitled to our own opinions right? Keller Williams Realty is one of the leading real estate companies that have helped forge the team concept and it’s ever changing across the country and getting better and better. Joining a real estate team is not meant for everyone and not every team is right for everyone.


    Joining a team can be very rewarding and some agents have spent their whole real estate career on a team and have been very success and love the team concept. When deciding whether you should join a real estate team or become an individual agent it’s entirely up to you as an agent. My only advice is to interview a few teams and be careful of the advice you get from agents that only have negative advice to give. As an owner of a team, I am very upfront and making sure my team will be a good fit for the agent or if that agent would be a good fit for my team. One time during an interview I have encouraged an agent to become an individual agent, of course the agent was shocked and a little offended even though that was not my intention. About a year later that agent sent me a text thanking me for leading her in that direction. She finally understood why I recommended that path for her. Again, joining a real estate team is not meant for everyone and that is okay!


    Some of the important perks of joining a real estate team can be very obvious. Not all agents get success right out of school. It can be deflating trying to figure out where to start, where to get your first buyer or seller and then once you get them, what do you do and who is going to help you with the millions of questions you and your clients have? Plus, as agent we are constantly inundated by “shiny objects” of the newest and greatest tools, technique and product and calls on how to spend our money. Joining a team can assist in helping answer those questions as well as most team owners have been down many of the “shiny object” roads and have figured out what is best for the team and helping their agents succeed as well as the team owner covers those fees.


    Joining a real estate team helps cover the expensive monthly fees for running a real estate business. On our team, I provide paid coaching, inside team coaching and training as well as assistants and other important people to help handle the paperwork so our agents can do their one thing and that’s working with their buyers and sellers. Having all the advertising, office and marketing cost paid for are a huge benefit to joining our team, plus a database full of clients for life, proven systems and tools to be successful are key to getting off on the right step. The hands on training and mentorship is well worth the commission split knowing they have guaranteed leads, training, accountability, guidance, team growth opportunities and well as a positive and friendly work environments are just a few things you don’t get on your own. Why join a real estate team? That is only a question you can answer after doing your due diligence.


    A few more things to think about when considering joining a real estate team. Well, like I mentioned above, each team offers something different and each person offers something different to that team. Having someone there to hold you accountable to reach your personal and business goals as well as the team goal are very important and often overlooked. The team helps push you vs pulling you down, which by yourself at the beginning is a battle you will play against yourself from time to time. Joining a real estate team is not about being on the biggest team in my opinion, it’s about being on a team that has a big enough vision that you can see yourself growing with as well as proven success. One of the important goals about joining my real estate team is ensuring my agents have big goals and dream and that we write them down and review those often through each year. This way, I can work hard at making sure my agents reach their goals for themselves, their families and for their business. As a team owner, I am not successful unless I know my agents are successful and that means getting to know them as a person and a friend well, not just a body filling an agent role and what they need from me as a person and a team owner.


    When considering joining a real estate team, make sure you come prepared to ask questions. Remember, it’s not just about answering the team questions. Joining a team has to be the right fit on both sides and making that decision could be a huge career changer for you. Opening doors for my team through referral partners and relationships as well as expansion opportunities, coaching and training opportunities are key to helping my team become more successful. Make sure that whatever team you decide to interview with and join, they think bigger and not just on a local level. Real estate has evolved into something even more amazing and being at the ground level of a growing team can be rewarding on many different level. Hopefully this helps answer a few questions when you ask yourself why should you join a real estate team?

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    Katrina Rockel

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