The Dogwood Festival is coming!

    What are you doing this weekend?  Well, most people in the Fayetteville area will be downtown celebrating the coming of spring with a 33 year old tradition of the Dogwood Festival.  Check out the Fayetteville Observer article for an “Insider’s Guide to the Can’t Miss Moments”.

    Parking is something we hear complaints about often.  For best results, give yourself an additional 20-30 minutes to get through the traffic and detours.  Want the rules of parking in Downtown Fayetteville?  Here they are: RULES.

    There are many downtown businesses and churches that have pay all day parking.  Totally take advantage of it.  And face it folks, you will have to pay to park just about any where you go these days!  And you may just have to walk a good distance from where you park.  Lastly, take caution in where you decide to leave your car for the day.  Make sure you are allowed to park in that area so when you are done consuming fried foods, supporting local vendors, and hearing great live music, your car is there to take you home.

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