Realtors Do More Than Sell Homes

    Spring is one of the busiest times of the year for real estate.  There are many reasons that support the busyness.  Job moves after holidays, tax returns, but my favorite reason is the waking up of trees and plants.  There is something about seeing the lime green leaves unfold and the azaleas blooming.  It puts people in the mood to put their home on the market and in turn, buyers are ready to scoop up the next best deal.

    So this past Saturday, my mom and I drove up to Big Bloomers in Sanford, NC, one of the most awesome plant nurseries around.  We walked through the greenhouses, talked with the owners, and spent way too much money.  Now folks, choosing the plants and getting them home is the easy part.  Thankfully for us in the #Fayetteville area, we have already seen some warmer days.  And of course, those warmer days were spent preparing the flower beds for the incoming plants. With the beds ready, I was able to get all the plants in the ground before the sun went down.  Then the most wonderful thing happened, it rained the next day!  I am including some pictures of flowers I planted.  Now these are not from my yard, but when they are in full bloom, I will be sure to update.

    So how does my Saturday filled with dirt and bugs fit into the real estate world?  Adding some color to your flower beds can help with the overall appeal to your home.  Simple additions of pots with annuals such as vinca, petunias, moss rose, and geraniums can help your home stand out to the buyer who has seen 10 homes that day.  Just remember…anything in the ground remains.  If in a pot, it is personal property!  For help with you next home purchase, don’t hesitate to give some at #therockelgroup a call!

    moss rose       Back_eyed_susans      gera      Vinca

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