Become a self sustaining homeowner

    Many home owners are interested in becoming more self sustaining.  Be sure your Realtor is knowledgable when it comes to finding you the right home for your needs! Here are a few ways to get started;

    1.Plant a garden :

    Food is pricey, especially fresh fruits and vegetables.  Gardens are a great way to stock your home with organic foods and not have to pay the organic price.  Having a garden also provides the opportunity for the family to work together for a collective gain.

    2. Can your own food:
    Now that you have the above garden abundantly bearing fruit, what are you going to do with all the food so it doesn’t go to waste?  Can it!
    3. Be sure to include herbs in your garden.

    Take a walk down the spice aisle and check out the prices of fresh and dried herbs.  Many herbs are very easy to grow.  Have you every had freshly made basil pesto?  It is even better when it comes from your yard.

     4. Plant a fruit tree

    Fruit trees will bear year after year with little need to do much.  Sure there will have to be some pruning, but it will be totally worth it at the end of the season.  Fruits can be canned as well.

    5. Backyard animals :

    Why did the chicken cross the road?  Keep them in your backyard and they won’t!  You can beat fresh eggs in the morning for an omelet.  Goats and pigs make great animals for the back yard as well.  Be sure to check your neighborhood covenants before committing to a home.  Be sure to have your Realtor provide information on registering your chickens in North Carolina.

    6. Compost everything :

    Compost is smelly and and many think it is disgusting. If your compost is creating a nuisance smell, you are doing it wrong. Be sure to have a vessel with a lid or cover any food items with raked leaves, newspaper, cardboard, weeds, grass clippings

    7. Alternative energy sources

    Most people think alternative energy means solar panels but something as simple as installing a wood stove would have a huge impact on your heating bill and dependency on foreign oil. The nice thing about wood heat is that it has the ability to heat you twice, the day you cut and split  it and the day you burn it. You just can’t beat the heat from a wood stove in my opinion.

    When buying a home, be sure to share your self sustaining desires with your Realtor to ensure you find a neighborhood that meets your need for sustainability.

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